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Most people have their own secrets, and modern technology allows people to save all that in the mobi

Most people have their own secrets, and modern technology allows people to save all that in the mobile device. Basically, you only need simple integrated applications to protect your secrets. However, some still fall into the understandings and need to use more advanced protection tools. If you are looking for such an application, Vault Gallery meets everything you want. It is a premium content protection tool manufactured to specifically focus on protecting the images and videos contained in your phone. If users use an Android-powered smartphone, “Gallery Vault” is the safest place you can keep content that you don’t want to be violated.The interface of the application is immensely user-friendly when users can immediately receive a browser that displays all the content formatted images and videos in your phone. No matter where you hide it, it will be scanned. However, it is an application that helps you protect those things so be assured. For the ultimate purpose, the “Gallery Vault” only requires you to take some permissions steps, and it can help you be safe. Everything interacts with each other conveniently, sequentially, step by step. If possible, you can use it as a file manager too.Often, other app lock applications only give you a pure password class. This means that when people know the password, they can access the content store that you want to hide. “Gallery Vault” allows people to store content, protect it, and encrypt it to make it more secure. No one can access your inventory and view those images. You can even delete content you want to save in the library. Please provide a save in “Gallery Vault,” everything will be turned into lines of code that no one can read. Only when you unlock the application can you see it. It also means that other applications cannot scan the content you store on a smartphone. It is not an image format but becomes encrypted numbers.Also, another annoying thing is that although you’ve set up an app lock, there are still people who have enough powers to force you to unlock it. They will often be older people who want to manage their children, or even love or scrutinize their lives. “Vault Gallery” can turn into any application with a perfect cover. No one can know that it is an image storage application. For example, you can give it an appearance of an irrelevant application, a language learning application, for example. If people read the name that people do not understand, it is probably not curious. The perfect cover of the “Gallery Vault” is its disguise as the calculator feature. It works like a real calculator. However, when you enter the correct password with the numeric keypad and then have different ways to submit passwords that are set around. You can now access your content repository. That is the absolute secret.MOD Info?With a clean install:
1. First installGalleryVaultPRO v3.11.9 and then key but don’t open it.
2. StartGalleryVaultapp and after the license upgrade to pro is complete install the latest version.
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