VibePlayer-Audio/VideoPlayer v1.1.1.7 for Android

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VibePlayer is an audio/video player that enables you to feel the music/sound physically in vibration

VibePlayer - Audio/Video PlayerVibePlayer - Audio/Video PlayerVibePlayer - Audio/Video PlayerVibePlayer - Audio/Video Player

VibePlayer is an audio/video player that enables you to feel the music/sound physically in vibrations (in audio/video), by allowing you to create and use vibration data, using the ©Sensations technology.

This approach provides accurate results as opposed to using automated modes that heavily sacrifice the accuracy.

This is an unrestricted unlimited trial.


The app offers a lot of options including special features:

★ Simple highly customizable interface (the most customizable in store). You may use the app with and without headers, for example.

★ Search within the same screen, and play results like a playlist.

★ In multi-selection mode, accessible by long tapping a track, you can preview tracks, perform a search, and select tracks from results.

★ View albums in list or grid views. Change columns count and hide labels for grids.

★ Most tabs have their separate sorting options.

★ Folders/Videos tabs support folder.jpg files for album art.

★ Create a custom theme unlike any app. Import, export, and reset custom themes data, too.

★ Sleep timer.

★ External lyrics (*.lrc) files support.

★ Access your images and view them in fit, square, and list modes.

★ Internal equalizer.

★ Scrobbling support (enable in Settings).

★ Media rescan for your media files.

★ Filter folders using include or exclude modes and more.

★ Listen to videos, by using the audio only mode (available in options menu on videos screens).

★ Virtual audio tracks option, which allows you to treat specific videos as audio tracks and also allows you to create mixed folders of audio files and virtual audio tracks. Please refer to for more information / usage.


Use the pre-created demos to test the technology right away, if you wish (before creating your own):

Read the readme.txt file within, for installation instructions.

Vibration Applications

Imagine listening to heartbeats, and feeling every beat. Imagine feeling the sound effects in a movie. Those are small examples of what the technology offers. The possibilities are endless.

Vibration Support

The technology was tested on various devices.

Video Playback/Resume/Seek: Supported.

Virtual Audio Tracks Playback/Resume/Seek: Supported. Please refer to for more information / usage.

Audio Playback: Supported (including background playback). If you have an issue, on an old device, start the track again.

Audio Resume/Seek: Partial support.

Note: For some cheap devices with weak vibrations, you might not feel much of the vibration. In that case, try a different device.

Vibration Data Sharing

If you create vibration data for “test.mp3”, for example, you will find a new file named “test.mp3.vibe” in the same folder. Share the .vibe file with your friends, and ask them to place it within the same folder as their mp3 file, then rename the .vibe file to match the mp3 file. If the mp3 file on their end is “random.mp3”, the vibe file would have to be “random.mp3.vibe”

There is an issue, with some devices, that does not allow files to be saved at the same folder as media files. Refer to this link, to know how they are handled:

Learn more about the content of vibration data files in here:

Vibration Guidelines


Contact us with any questions or suggestions at [email protected]

Thanks for using VibePlayer.
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